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Welcome to my website! Let me start by introducing myself ...

My name is Brian Moen. I am an aspiring children's book author, and I have a ton of stories inside me just waiting to be unleashed upon the world. In my lifetime, I've developed several picture book manuscripts and easy reader stories. I've also composed a diverse collection of poetry, and am currently in the process of learning how to "reach out" to my readers via the internet. I invite you to pull up a comfortable chair and explore my blog and website to learn more about my writings and other items of perplexity and befuddlement. Thanks for stopping by! 

Brian Here is a picture of me that I had taken while recently attending a friend's wedding. I had another photo in this spot on my website prior to this one. But, when my Mom saw my previous picture, she wrote me an email and "suggested" that I change it. So, as we all know and learned when we were growing up ... always listen to your Mother. What do you think, Ma?


This is our dog, Macaroni. He is the inspiration for my first easy reader book.


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As you can see, my website is still a "work in progress." When I get more time to play and experiment, I plan to develop this site into an extravagant plethora of art and creativity! There will be previews about my upcoming books, the latest news, my writing blog, and advice and links to other helpful websites for teachers and aspiring authors and more! I encourage all of you to keep me in mind, and visit again soon.

The SCBWI link above connects to the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators website. The SCBWI is a professional membership organization dedicated to helping those interested in learning more about the craft of writing and/or illustrating for children.

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